Central Texas Plumbing Apprenticeship

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Why Being an Apprentice at CTPS is the Best Choice

There is a truly daunting issue facing many trades, especially plumbing – the average age of a plumber in Texas is over 50 and there are fewer and fewer young people entering the workforce. Central Texas Plumbing Solutions is actively working to recruit and equip talented Apprentices to ensure that we can continue to provide the highest level of service to our residential and commercial customers.

We recruit talented students out of the Texas State Technical School (TSTC) in town and provide part-time employment options for those who desire a real-world complement to their studies. While classroom education is important for the development of general knowledge, we believe that real learning happens on the job. By sending these students into the field to help our most experienced plumbers, we aim to help spread the generational and experience gap by transferring years of know-how and skills from our Master and Journeyman Plumbers into our new Apprentices.


Additionally, when we hire full-time Apprentices who show a commitment and interest in the trade, we help them accelerate their learning by enrolling them in courses provided by the Construction Education Foundation of North Texas. These week-long courses held throughout the year provide an immersive educational experience, backed up by many hours in the field.

We believe that actively investing in the talent of today is imperative to ensure the continuity of our industry. With a combination of classroom and in-field learning, we seek to rapidly develop Apprentices into skilled and capable Plumbers who represent our brand with excellence.

Because we are an employee-owned company, everyone gets an ownership stake in Central Texas Plumbing Solutions – even part-time students. If you are an aspiring plumber and want to benefit from our Apprentice development program, apply today!